Cancellation of Events Update

Several more events were cancelled today.

1. Today we have made the inevitable but nonetheless devastating decision to cancel this year’s Sydney Writers’ Festival, which was scheduled to run from 27 April to 3 May.

2. Consultation to Completion and International Colour Day have both been cancelled

3. The CAHS Commiitee decided to postpone all upcoming scheduled events including the 21st March NSW Chinese Women's Relief Fund presentation by Peter Hack.

4. The Omega Ensemble, We regret to advise that our upcoming performance of Four Seasons Recomposed this Thursday 19 March will not proceed as scheduled.

5. Improv Theatre Sydney, We have decided to delay the commencement of our upcoming term (term two) and cancel our in-house shows for two weeks. The term that was meant to start the week of March 23 will, at this point, now start the week of April 6.