Christopher Hanna - Review

Reviewed by Bianca Watkins 

Leave time in suspense and tuck yourself away in Bridge Lane’s intimate nook, a chic back alley encompassing the epitome of Sydney’s opulence. Christopher Hanna, reputable and established salon, now offers the luxury experience of its new lounge bar, a classic, New-York inspired space where you can relax with a perfect cocktail concoction in hand while the salon’s team refresh your aesthetic, or simply hang out in the plush seating of the DJ’ed bar.

After 10pm the adjacent salon is curtained off and the space becomes exponentially more intimate. My eyes caught on the grandeur; the copper finishes and plush booths reel you in, dimly-lit corners surrounding a centred, stunning bar. The menu not only samples up to 50 international and local wines, an extensive spirits list and enticingly curated share plates and caviar, but the bar staff will at request look beyond the classic yet adventurous cocktail list to deliver a taste catered to your palate. Each cocktail was extravagant, delightful or liquid dessert. I described my taste preferences, and one of the expert bartenders presented me with an off menu, personal creation; a drink he intuitively knew would blow me away. Every drink succeeded to do so. The espresso martini on tap was better than I expected, and a fun novelty. The hosts went out of their way to accommodate to the small touches which constituted a wonderful, thoroughly enjoyable visit. When I expressed my veganism, to my surprise I was given a salad that was beautiful, intricate, and so delightful. They even had egg-free egg whites, meaning I didn’t have to miss out on the Coco Loco, the cocktail which beckoned my tastebuds the most. I didn’t expect this level of niche accommodation from a bar in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, but it’s a small touch that really defined my comfortability in being there. Perhaps it derives from the culture of the original business; the salon’s treatment of clients in the utmost individualistic nature, treating each visitor in accordance with their needs, desires - whatever they want to do with their look. This practice seems to have been translated into the recreated space, as the entire experience felt catered to my patron presence, readily adaptable to my wishes. Christopher Hanna delivers excellence inside its new indulgently moody interior, indubiously the spot to duck into when passing the hidden heritage-listed building, whether your requirements are a drink, a dance, or other TLC.


Christopher Hanna - 6 Bridge Ln, Sydney NSW 2000

Opening hours

Monday 12–11pm
Tuesday 12–11pm
Wednesday 12–11pm
Thursday 12pm–2am
Friday 12pm–2am
Saturday 12pm–2am
Sunday Closed