CIRCA's Peepshow Review

Reviewed by Georgia Cassimatis

Peepshow, a voyeur’s paradise when the sun goes down. Adults only.

If you are into high end acrobatic performance and storytelling via human art form this is a must-see, and if you are not into this form of entertainment it is still a must-see, as the sheer skill of sculpting one’s body to create shapes, silhouettes via dance, movement and stunts is in one very clichéd word, mesmerizing.

Welcome to the world of the mighty Circa: an Australian made concept which explores a new wave of contemporary circus; where the boundaries of extreme physicality are pushed and explored to create powerful performances between movement, dance, theatre and circus.

The incredibly talented Australian cast of four men and four women, most of whom have been contorting their bodies circus style since emerging from the womb, give us a night of sheer, exceptional, ‘2% of the population only’ can do these tricks, talent.

Performed at the iconic Sydney Theatre Royal, against of backdrop of glitter, dim and dramatic lighting, with music that morphs from classical to cabaret and jazz,  these God / Goddess like acrobats perform such extraordinary physical feats that I was either frozen like a deer in headlights, rolled up in a ball in my chair fetal position, or picking my jaw up off the floor.

Routines included dancing, gyrating, swinging, twisting and turning with a smorgasbord of rope, silk cloth, straps, all hung from the ceiling, and trapeze. Not to mention 20 foot tall headstands, walking on heads, and juggling box work. Perfect butts, almost nudity, and delicate female form mixed in with the adonis like physiques of strong men, creating a visual sensory overload that justified the Artistic Director, Yaron Lifschitz’s description of Peepshow being ‘hot, sweaty, sexy and tough’.

A beautiful part of the night was the finale where all facets of the Circa came together; acrobatics fused with human emotion to create the emotive, visual, tender and human side of the sheer physicality.

Comically playful, and seductive, it is more Olympic style skill, than Burlesque. A once in a lifetime opportunity to witness acrobatic brilliance. 

Having toured the world performing in 40 countries to over 1.5 million people with standing ovations, rave reviews and sold out houses, this is not to be missed.

Cast: Jon Bonaventura, Holly-Rose Boyer, Rhiannon Cave WalkerKeaton Hentoff-KillianGerramy Marsden, Alice Muntz, Lachlan SukrooBillie Wilson-Coffey

 Theatre Royal Sydney. Strictly limited season. Until April 24th.