Reviewed by Georgia Cassimatis

In the heart of Brookvale, Sydney is the ultra modern Kingdom Gym: home to wall size posters of champion bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzennegar, and the latest gym craze to hit Sydney’s streets ...Clubbercise.

Yes Clubbercise, where you literally walk into a studio decked out as a nightclub with neon lights, disco balls and music of the 90s to modern day.

An ultra fun and creative way to stay fit it’s a fusion of dance, toning and combat moves in an open class of all fitness levels where you burn up to 600 calories. You can rock out in the dark with no inhibitions: even the flashing rave glow sticks give your arms a great workout.

Emanating from the UK, it’s the brainchild of British gal Claire Burlison Green and her friends who found there weren’t fitness classes that played great club music. They started their own routines and playlists and came up with ‘healthy clubbing’, officially launching it as Clubbercise.

Now a world wide fitness phenomenon it has hit just hit the streets of Sydney.

If you want some fun and funk in your fitness life, or are tired of staring at the same walls and exercise equipment, and want to have fun working out with friends, this one is for you.

Flash those rave glow sticks, Get Down and Glow Hard!

Clubbercise is open to people of all ages, shapes and sizes. 

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Photos by Jonathan Ng