Double Bill: Gentleman's Island and The Telephone

Review by Maria Kalashnikov

"Operantics" is punching above its weight with an immensely enjoyable production of "The Telephone" (G.C.Moneti) and "Gentleman's Island" (J.Horovitz) at the Independent theatre on 24.01.16.

In "The Telephone", Samantha Levestal displayed fine theatrics and a melifluouos tone. Given her vintage, she won't be "amateur" much longer. She managed to animate a libretto that, on paper, appears banal.

"Gentleman's Island" had a narrative that allowed Ryan O'Donnell and Hayden Barrington an opportunity to bounce of each others gestures and create a sense of storytelling.  With absolutely minimal sets all performers engaged the audiences imaginations to transport us to the locations.

Superb musical accompaniment was provided by Nathaniel Kong. Kudos to a small, productive and highly skilled company that, in the face of Opera Australia's mindset of Broadway musicals fronted by soap opera stars, is motivated to present something substantial. Only, without being churlish, I would call these "operettas".


Photos by John Kilkeary