Dream Girls

Reviewed by Gabby Petersen

The Rockdale Musical Society production of Dream Girls tells the story of a trio of African American girls called the Dreamettes.  An ambitious manager spots the trio at a talent show. He offers the girls the chance of a lifetime to become back up singers for a well known star. Taking control of the group he pushes them into the spotlight.

Kaleigh Wilkie-Smith as Effie, Sasha - Lee Saunders as Deena and Jade Montalvo as Lorrell have the voices for the parts and all give powerful performances backed up by the live orchestra and the energetic all singing all dancing ensemble of talented performers.  

The choreography and costumes add to the visual impact of the strong performances by all the cast. The Rockdale Town Hall works well for this type of performance while being a relatively intimate venue.

The anything but amateur performance was entertaining and well produced, making it a very enjoyable experience, well worth seeing.