Duo Vermilion - More French Impressions

By Anthony Harkin

Given how desensitised people have become through advertisements etc to the musical integrity of some of these pieces, it was a brave and, ultimately rewarding choice of repatoire.

Duo Vermilion managed to breathe life and expression into each piece seemingly effortlessly. Seemingly effortlessly though still waters run deep.  Opening the recital with "The Swan"(Camille Saint-Saens) Maria Lindsay displayed a masterly understanding of animating the notes off the paper and into peoples souls.

Timbrel variations and crystal clear intonation elevated this, and the other pieces to the level that they were intended to be performed. Maria's voice-like capabilities on the violin bought to the forefront the lyricism that is integral to the Impressionist language.

"Meditation" from Thais by Massenet was particularly benefited by her approach. Of course you don't become a virtuoso by accident and Maria has worked her lifetime for it. Playing pieces by Poulenc and Ravel arranged by Jascha Heifetz and an astonishing interpretation of "Poems for violin and orchestra" by Ernest Chausson her technique appeared limitless without ever disregarding the narrative of the pieces.

I must make mention of Satie's "Gymnopedie No 1", as a piece that has suffered everything from Grade 3 music students to Colesworths trying to sell you margarine or dishwashing liquid, in  Duo Vermilion's hands it became what it is, a rare and individual composition of serene beauty.

Passionate accompaniment, along with solo piano of Debussy's "General Lavine-eccentric" and "The girl with the flaxon hair" was provided by Matthew Brooks. With Andre Rieu, fine violinist that he is, having left our shores with his stadium filling orchestra of exploding castles,dancing bears and bearded ladies it is comforting to know that some ensembles are committed to presenting music for what it is, that is, for listening to.

Duo Vermilion are constantly presenting top notch performances of interesting music

They deserve the patronage of the public. For future events contact maria@lco.org.au