GODZ Review

Reviewed by Georgia Cassimatis

Roll up! Roll up! Instead of a European summer basking on the Greek islands like every other tourist known to mankind, a travelling Greek circus is in town, in the Gardens at the EQ in all its pink and fluorescent glory, for the raunchiest party to hit Mount Olympus since 500 BCE….GODZ. 

Four ancient Greek Gods of Olympus, lead by the voice of Zeus, the King; Apollo: King of the Sun, Cupid, Dionysus: the God of wine, and Hercules: the God of strength and far-ranging adventures, serve up a Greek dish with acrobatics, double entendres and bare-faced cheek. 

Touted as a fabulous ‘bodyssey’ of gravity-defying stunts, such as standing atop five crooked chairs and bodies, balancing for their lives on ladders, with lots of camp striptease, and intricate aerial twists and turns on ropes, while also masterfully juggling big spinning tops ( a favourite ), to a soundtrack that ranged from salon music to breakdance…you get it, the show is fabulously hectic. 

A big drawcard was the impeccable humour and comedic timing; which is raunchy, cheeky and eyebrow raising. Take note the homoerotic nude pan dance which had me cringing, and peering through my fingers.

A highlight of the show was when Hercules is banished to Christian Hell and the nuns become fixated and entranced with his dingledangling testicles. Laugh out loud belly laughs from the depths of my being that I didn’t know existed, permeated the circus tent, as did everyone else’s, as well as wondering why on earth I found such a ridiculous act funny at all.

Therein lies its success: slapstick, comedic timing, outrage, beautiful bodies and naughty lust all rolled into one, the finale ending with Zeus in high heels. But that’s enough of the spoilers for now.

Fast paced, and beyond fun, this one hour multi-award winning, meaty circus is a MUST-SEE. As they say: It’s Time to GET GREECED.

Side note: My date and I dined on the seafood and chicken paella and a wine before the show at the pop up food bar and stall inside the Gardens.