How To Live (After You Die) Review


Reviewed by Odette McCarthy

Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and artist Lynette Wallworth debuts in Unwrapped, an ongoing series of events from independent creators. Wallworth self-indulges her own personal life experiences in How To Live (After You Die). It is difficult sitting through a 90-minute recount of a woman’s experience of four years in a Pentecostal group.

This disjointed monologue is enlivened by the atmosphere of the beautiful Sydney Opera House ‘s Playhouse. Small and quaint, perfect for a small piece. One can have a drink after work upon the harbour before the show. Drinks and canapes afterwards.

This work is co-commissioned by New Work Now, enabled by Ann Sherry AO and Michael Hogan, Rising Festival and THE OFFICE performing arts + film.

How To Live (After You Die) promises the voice of a woman who was influenced by a religion, calling herself a prophet many times, but then decided to take a different path in life. Background visuals are unnecessary.

Lynette Wallworth makes you realise that everybody experiences things differently. You recognize that many people must know very little of the extreme pain and suffering that can actually go on in a person’s life.