iFLY Superhero School

Reviewed by Georgia Cassimatis

Don’t just dress us as a superhero these school holidays! Fly in the air just like Superman! Batman! Spiderman! Captain America! And…Batgirl!

IFLY Indoor Skydiving in Penrith, the adventure capital of NSW, is teaching kids how to fly just like a Superhero at their exclusive, modern headquarters.

Based on what it’s like to skydive thousands of feet in the air, each session includes pre-flight training with one of the expert instructors where kids learn how to master the art of flying in the air on land first, the science of aerodynamics and the importance of teamwork; just like the Superheroes.

Family and friends can chill out in the stylish all-round viewing platform, as they watch the Superheroes and professionals step inside one of the world’s largest glass flight chambers where massive wind generators lift them effortlessly into flight on a cushion of air. You’ll be mesmerized by the endless sophisticated tumbling and sommersaulting.

IFLY Indoor Skydiving offers many different programs: from first time flyers, junior high-flyers to professionals. Available for all ages between 3-93, it’s perfect for the whole family, friends, work colleagues and corporate groups.

Open 7 days a week until late.

For more information contact: www.ifly.com.au