Infinite Threads 2019 Review

Reviewed by Regi Su

On Thursday evening, we took pause in the bustling bookstore that is Kinokuniya Sydney, to celebrate the public launch of this year’s UTS Writer’s Anthology, Infinite Threads. Each year, students from the University of Technology Sydney’s writing program submit diverse pieces in short fiction, essay, poetry and play script to the anthology, a publication marking excellence since 1982. Not only does the content showcase student work, but the anthology is edited, publicised and designed by students as well.

We were treated to readings by several writers featured in the anthology. Sophie Chandler spoke from her piece, Bitumen Tightrope. Chandler’s writing draws upon raw emotions and uses imagery that lingers in the back of the mind, and was also shortlisted for the Anthology Writing Prize. David Naylor spoke from his story, The Year of Ponderosa. Although an established journalist, this is Naylor’s venture into the world of creative writing, and he has done so with a very personal piece. 

The UTS Writer’s Anthology is a publication celebrating emerging writers of the utmost talent, edited by a strong and sharp editorial team. This Anthology sets the standard in new Australian literature and has been a springboard for many writers to launch their careers. 

I walked away from the launch feeling excited about the future of contemporary Australian literature, sighing in relief that our creative landscape lies in good hands. I look forward to soon sitting down and getting lost in the Infinite Threads.