It Shoulda Been You Review

Reviewed by Giulietta Gigliotti

“Be true to yourself and you’ll have no regrets”

Jenny Steinberg is helping organise her sisters perfect wedding, alongside her highly strung and over critical mothers side. As disaster after disasters strikes the wedding, Jenny has no time to breathe or allow her mother’s insults to sink in.

Trying to put out the spot fires out before and during the wedding, Jenny is forced to conceal her insecurities and feelings, as her mother keeps reminder her that is it her sister’s big day. Unsure how to handle a situation, Jenny turns to her ex-best friend and sister’s ex-boyfriend Marty, and while they reminisce on their friendship, Jenny wonders when it will be her turn. 

A classic story about families and falling in love and how religion and cultures can make all the difference in the world. Portrayed through song and dance, It Shoulda Been You, directed by James Worner, with has over forty years of theatre experience, has created a whimsical, laugh-out-loud, feel good story, from the highly successful Broadway production done in 2015.

With catchy tunes and sarcastic comments and phrases sure to make you laugh in your seat, It Should Been You is a must see for people who enjoy vigorously entertaining music, awkwardly funny dancing and real feel good moments that will make you smile.

With a twist thrown in to keep you on your toes, It Shoulda Been You is a play that will entertain and make all viewers laugh.

“Perfect ending to a challenging beginning”

You can catch this unmissable performance from excellent actors at the Independent Theatre, North Sydney, from March 31st until April 8th