Katie and Grace's Hour of Power: With Friends Review

Reviewed by Odette McCarthy

Following two popular seasons of Hour of Power in theatre, plus a one off live stream, the Flight Pa Theatre is holding a unique experience for Sydney goers with a Katie and Grace’s Hour of Power with Friends, choose your own CoVid adventure style. People are able to enjoy the full experience at the Flight Pa Theatre, or opt to sit in the comforts of their own rooms and live stream the play.

The CoVid experience was complete with the CoVid themed play, Katie and Grace’s Hour of Power with Friends. I chose to watch from my living room and can honestly say it was possibly a better, or perhaps just different way of viewing a play. Even though it has come out of pandemic necessity, little is lost and one might even find oneself laughing louder than you would at a theatre, selected snacks at the ready.

Katie and Grace share their ongoing friendship through CoVid and the ways in which they survived – ‘survived’ being a funny term, meaning continuing to live or exist “especially in spite of danger or hardship”. There may be danger and hardship but, in comparison to that of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents during wartimes, literally fighting in every way for their own lives, it is really more of a ‘strange time’ than a time of survival. In comparison, Katie and Grace share their iso-lationships through overhauled Hinge profiles and at home alcohol-born antics.

As all arts and music venues have been closed, it is exciting to be involved in your own way, out or at home, in Katie and Grace’s Hour of Power with Friends. You’ll find yourself having a giggle during these unknown times, and about them, with the on stage comedic involvements of Ezekiel Simat, Bec Melrose, Nancy Denis and AJ Lamarque.

‘The world is fucked, we're all fucked, so let's try to laugh’ – Wherever we choose to chuckle from.