LIMBO - The Return Review

Reviewed by Cynthia Ning

It may be cold outside in Sydney but there’s a warm seat waiting for you inside The Grand Electric where the drinks are flowing, and the performances are electrifying.

Opening night went off with a bang. There was a full house of excited patrons, many of whom visited and loved their previous cabaret show Blanc de Blanc Encore, with a little less cheek but punches us with whole lot of fiery heat. The theme of heaven and hell is prevalent throughout the show with the contrasting black and white costumes, angelic aerial routines and high-energy musical numbers.

Hailing from New York City, storyteller Sxip Shirey leads the way with his air raid siren and arsenal of unique musical tools, followed closely by the robust Grant Arthur on the sousaphone together with multi-instrumentalist Mick Stuart’s crashing symbols. Their music plays an important role in the show, creating the dark seductive ambience and invoking passionate emotions.

We are truly drawn into the world of LIMBO, a combination of street performance, fantasy, light rave, and part fire show in a Parisian night. There is something for everyone.

Hilton Denis works the crowd with his dizzying spins, tap dancing and charming smile. The first act is up-beat and simmering. Audience participation and applause are encouraged to break the ice and build anticipation of what comes next.

Bulgarian aerialist Maria Moncheva brings out her ace in the form of latex and chains together with rope virtuoso Ben Loader, both whipping everyone into shape. The duo brings to life Rhianna’s lyrics, ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me’.

Mikael Bres and Clara Fable lend their sultry voices to accompany the acts of their fellow circus members, but of course get their turn in the spotlight. Mikael exhibits physical strength and grace on the pole as Clara stuns audience members with her master fire breathing skills as the rest of the cast join and play in inferno. An absolute showstopper.

The ever so cheeky slack rope daredevil David Marco is agile when balancing over patrons, picking up the pace and upping the stakes in the second act. From mirror magic to saucy dance numbers, this is a thrilling sensory experience that pulls you in every direction. Expect the unexpected and immerse yourself in LIMBO.

The sound and lighting technicians worked seamlessly with the ground crew in pulling the show together. There were smiles all around and everyone had fun!

Yes, there is VIVID Sydney, but who says that the party ends there?

Nothing short of a delight, creative director Scott Maidment does not disappoint. An outstanding cast of professional performers, gravity defying acts and flirty vibes, this is the ultimate date night out.

Don’t miss out on this internationally acclaimed show. Run, don’t walk and get your ring side tickets now!