Moonlight Cinema Review

Reviewed by Regi Su

A light summer breeze filters through warm evenings at the Moonlight Cinema. Set in various locations around Australia, the Moonlight Cinema is the perfect outdoor activity for the summer school holidays. There are showings of new blockbusters as well as cult classics, so there's something for everyone. It was hard for me to choose whether I wanted to catch a new movie, or see something I know and love. In the end I went for Dirty Dancing and loved getting swept up in cheers and applause.

The Moonlight Cinema is much more special event than your average trip to the local cinema. There's a quiet buzz in the air, an excitement that you get to sit under the stars, like a childhood memory. It's much more than a bed sheet and a projector, though. The Moonlight Cinema has such a good set up, with a huge screen for the crowd, and a crisp, clear volume for those in the back row. I think the event is pure, wholesome family fun. Bring a picnic rug and even your dog, there's space for everyone. If you forget your rug, you can hire bean beds and recline in the grass. As the night goes on, it does get a bit chilly, so bring a cardigan or blanket to snuggle under.

I attended the cinema at Sydney's Centennial Park and had such a pleasant evening. It's a civilised affair, where one can find movie snacks to munch on, or a more substantial meal from the food trucks there if you like. Or, go back to basics and bring a picnic to share with family and friends. There are opportunities to buy drinks as well; beer, wine or Tia Maria sponsored cocktails.

The Moonlight Cinema runs through the summer and I can't think of a better way to spend the evening.