Murder by Invitation

There is a murderer on Darling Point Road, lurking in the Bancroft Family Manor, can you solve the crime and find the will? This is your challenge when you embark on a Agatha Christie style interactive adventure.

The night is set in the beautiful historic Lindesay House. When you arrive you wait on the terrace and in comes Detective Van Outen. He checks you off and has a friendly chat, as you wait for the action to begin.

The Detective sets the scene, introduces the quest and we are off to investigate. First we meet the Bulter (I won't give you his name as it will spoil the first pun!) He is suspicious to start with as he doesn't want to let us in! The young daughter in law arrives demanding to know why we are all here. After some questioning she tells us exactly who the killer is, but do we believe her? Then, we meet the Bancroft children and the plot thickens. All the time we are given clues and riddles as to where the will is hidden.

Lindesay House is the perfect location for this experience and when you go downstairs to the cellar it is breathtaking. We wondered how many other houses in Sydney must have cellars like these. It was steeped in history.


All the actors did a great job at keeping in character, particularly as we could interact with them. You could tell they were a little nervous to start with but warmed as the production went on. The clues to the will were fairly simple but who did it will have you guessing until the end.

It was an enjoyable evening as long as you go with the flow and get involved. A young boy had a great time reading out all the clues. So, it will appeal to young and old!

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