My Vivid Weekend 2023

As I no longer live in Sydney I made a special trip to see the lights and experience some of Vivid and the City that I hadn't done before. 

My weekend started early as I caught Jaguar Jonze at the Opera House on Thursday night. I would love to say I had a great time, but I found the whole experience harrowing, dark and depressing. If you haven't heard of Jaguar Jonze, she is Deena Lynch, a Taiwanese-Australian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Brisbane. She has not had an easy life thus far and her Album Bunny Mode is used as cathartic process to help her heal. She has an amazing voice and I look forward to hearing what she brings to the Music Industry in the future, I would go and see her perform again.

Friday, I went to the Botanical Gardens to see Lightscape. This is a must see. I absolutely loved it, it was like being in a magical world, or Avatar. The different light scenes paired with music, plus all the food vans, I can recommend the Butter Chicken and Loaded fries spilled down with Mulled Wine! I thought we had come to the end of the walk a few times only to realise there was more. Here are just a few of the images I took. 


We then headed to Darling Harbour and watched the display. I am sure that the fountains go higher each year, and there are a few fireworks. I had a quick cocktail while I was there and then walked into China Town only to find they had a night market. It was just packing up when we got there, but what I saw looked amazing.


Saturday, we went to Wynyard to see Dark Spectrum. I didn't think it was quiet as good as Lightscape but my sister actually liked it more. She loved the music and I have to say if we had gone at night, after a few drinks it would have been different. It was a bit like being in a huge rave party, with different vibes in different areas. There were a few children going through at the same time as us and they had a ball running in and out the lights.  The robots were very freeky! 


After that we just headed to the Rocks which is where you end up, but it was Market day and I hadn't been to the Rock's Market in years, and it didn't disappoint. 

That was it, a lot of walking, but great fun.