Neville's Island by Tim Firth

Reviewed by: Georgia Cassimatis


Starring: David Lynch, Chris Taylor, Andrew Hanson, and Craig Reucassel

What happens when middle class, suburban Australian men, in middle management go on a company team building exercise, in nature? Sounds rather banal until four of them, each with very distinct personalities find themselves stranded on a wet, swampy, uninhabited island.

So close but yet so far from their hotel, as day turns into night no one seems to notice they’ve been missing. Their routine existence is traded in for how they start to cope, or unravel, as their survival instincts kick in. The audience is highly entertained as they start to clash in rather dramatic ways, as their ‘male-ness’ and sanity starts to crumble.

If you’re a lover of theatre the top-knotch, comic acting is superb. If you’re a fan of the ABC’s The Chaser you’ll enjoy watching Chris Taylor, Andrew Hanson and Craig Reucassel’s skills translate from TV to the stage.

Hilarious from the start, the laughs permeate the theatre as the audience sits in the real-life swampy, mystical, eeriness of the set.


Playing: June 29 th – August 12th

Where: Ensemble Theatre, 78 McDougall St, Kirribilli, Sydney

Contact: (02) 9929 0644