The Haunting Review

Reviewed by Georgia Cassimatis

If you’re someone who loves nothing more than the thought of navigating the possessed corridors of an old haunted cottage in order to exorcise unhappy spirits into eternal rest, this is for you. 

….if you also think North Sydney is one concrete, corporate jungle, think again, for it is right here in the city’s backstreets, nestled in a secret garden cottage dated back to the 1850s, where this interactive theatre production with its agitated spirits reside.


Welcoming the night ahead for the spiritually curious and the entertainment seekers, all conglomerating in the dark little eerie scary garden outside, was a friendly big bear like priest, who guided us through the corridors with the aim to help him unravel the murderous mystery from 100 years ago….but with a warning: ghosts if they have unfinished business on earth are not yet ready to graduate to the next level and thus hang around, often residing around objects they liked when they were alive, in places where they experienced strong emotions or death.


Objects that if I disclosed, would ruin the murderous twist, so all I will say is, as the priest eerily advised us all: trust your intuition. For one’s ‘vibes’ are usually right. That room you feel strange in when you walk into it? There could be an unhappy spirit, lurking forevermore, in an inanimate object, like a clock, a shoe…the list goes on…


Without giving too much away (in fact, most of it), let’s just say

the murderous mystery begins with an obsessive love for an Irish merchant sailor, his sordid secretive life, all of which ends in chocolate (yes, chocolate).

Testament to how fun this interactive theatre production was, my date who doesn’t believe in spirits, and who came with me out of pity, loved it.

Tickets are now on sale, with the show next running: the 17-19th June.

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