THEATRESPORTS™ All-Stars 2024 Review

Reviewed by Faith Jessel

TheatreSports All Stars' threw a fan-bloody-tabulus farewell finale that was ELECTRIFYING! A wit-walloping, brain-scrambling, spectacle of comedic genius leaving us in stitches from start to finish.

Drunk on laughter, the audience staggered out of the Enmore Theatre and onto the street, still gasping for breath. The jaw-dropping improvisational skill was a beast of extremes. Bursting beyond the 4th wall with the incomparable Ewan Campbell at the reins, it pulled all the strings and pushed all the buttons! Oh my Giddy Aunt indeed!

Whether you're a newbie or a die-hard fan since Belvoir Theatre days, you'll be hooked from start to finish.  The night hosts a community improv legends who come together to conjure up a never ending supply of rapid-fire comedy with clever hooks and fabulous twists.This is the ultimate, heart-stopping highwire act, teetering on the brink of anarchy, with no script, no safety net and no screens or apps. It's the real deal - and there's no holding back. 

Faced with a blank stage and armed with only basic props like a box or pool noodle, this motley crew of par excellence pros and rising stars create magic on the spot, relying solely on their boundless imagination. These fearless performers tread a razor-thin line between genius and catastrophe. The audience holds its collective breath, eagerly anticipating the thrill of a brilliantly saved mishap, off-the-cuff one-liners or a triumphant comedic coup. The stakes couldn't be higher as they flirt with fiasco and conjure up comedy gold, leaving everyone wanting more, more, more! . 

Over a rollercoaster ride of an evening we are served up  4 knockout rounds of wild card chaos, featuring a mix of classic game favourites like “I Love You” and  ‘Expert Double Figures’ as well as some new games on the block, with just enough audience participation to keep you on the edge of your seat. Cleverly timed satirical twists on today's hottest topics added an extra layer of humour. Did we hear the words ”Sydney housing market”? You betcha. 

There was a veritable smorgasbord talent on display, each performer injecting their own unique flair resulting in  one deliciously absurd scenario after another that showcased every trick in the TheatreSports playbook, including, one upping,  scene bombing and of course some terrific slapstick comedy.

TheatreSport royalty and juggernauts, Lisa Ricketts and Adam Spencer never fail to consistently crush it with ripcord precision. Lisa makes a brilliant kickboxing kangaroo, out for first blood, while Adam expertly conveys the throes of love with just his left hand. Meanwhile, Benny Davis, the maestro of mood, conjures up the perfect sound bite to make the atmosphere pop! And this is just the start. 

Some of the best kind of Aussie comedy spontaneously comes alive when a skilled performer plays it straight, highlighting the absurdity of a situation - like “meeting the wombat parents, who just happen to have an... interesting annual tradition of sacrificing a hostage”  Yes, you read that right, and yes, we're completely invested in the story outcome.That’s Theatresports, people. Just go with it!  

The antics culminated in a fever pitch of fun with the hilarious musical parody, 'I Found Love in Bunnings’ a clever send-up of musical theatre's highs and lows. Thank you Kate Wilkins, Ruby Blinkhorn and their entire backup crew for delivering a kickass showstopper that really  brought the house down. Sausage sandwiches have never been funnier. 

TheatreSports All Stars has earned its stripes and bragging rights as the longest-running comedy show in town for a reason. The jokes came so hard and fast I wish we could have pressed pause to absorb them all or rewind to watch it all again. If you missed this show, don't panic - there's another chance later in the year to catch the hilarity, no doubt with a mix of loyal fans and new followers in the audience. So, get ready to strap yourself in for a hell of a ride, where the chaos never ends and the fun blows your mind!

See you in August!