Theatresports All-Stars: Battle of Champions Review

As part of this year’s 2019 Sydney Comedy Festival held at the Enmore Theatre, three generations of theatresports legends from the 80s, 90s and ‘naughties’ literally fought tooth and nail for the title of Australia’s funniest comedian. It was a mix of the OG’s (Old Guard) with the NG’s (New Guard) as Veteran Cranston Cup winners, highschool champions and last year’s Grand Final team extraordinaire Mission Improbable 3 battled it out in a sea of ridiculous, verging on subliminal stories (and vice versa)…all impromptu.

Hosted by comedy legend Tahir Bilgoc (Fat Pizza, The Habbibs), and judged by writer and comedian David Poltorak, Australia’s longest running comedy show continued its winning tradition of creating comedy sketches on the spot using a range of genres from Shakespeare to Film Noir, Murder Mystery, to Soap Opera, in restricted formats such as Four Square; a three minute story told in four different genres, Mirroring faces; the chosen team performs at certain times in a scene a facial expression given by another team member, and The Emotional Rollercoaster; emotional states are yelled at the story tellers as they attempt to string together a narrative.


Highlights of the night went to The Naughties whose genre swapping between Bogan and Downton Abbey while pool cleaning had the audience in hysterics. Then there were the Veterans who rocked out to their made up hit song: ‘I’m in love with the Garbo’, as well as creating a Soap Opera about finding love with the Electricity Meter electrician. Of course what is improvised comedy right now without a mention of Game of Thrones? This genre involved making cupcakes at a P&C school function, which culminated in a fight between swords and celery.

With so many laughs from the ridiculous, delirious and at the same time very impressive stories, you won’t realise that 90 minutes have gone by. Enjoyment for all ages, this is a must-see at least once in your life.


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Reviewed by Georgia Cassimatis