Vivid with Harbourside Cruises


Vivid Sydney 2018 with Harbourside Cruises. If you want to avoid the crowds then certainly taking a cruise around the harbour will do that for you and more!

Harbourside Cruises are a great company. I have known the owners for over 10 years. This was the first time I have been on their new boat with their new company Harbourside Cruises.  The boat was great, we started the cruise inside as the buffet started as soon as the cruise began. Once we had eaten we moved outside to see the lights. We started at the back of the boat and had great views as you can see from the photographs. Later as we returned to shore we moved to the front of the boat.  Even though it was a chilly night it didn’t seem too bad and the boat was certainly very comfortable, with plenty of space.


The ticket price included a drink, buffet dinner and DJ music.  The food was great. I was impressed that they had chosen bamboo knifes, forks and plates rather than plastic. The choice of food ranged from pastas, to salads. There was plenty of it and people were happily loading up their plates. The staff were fantastic, very friendly and helpful.


When we were coming to shore we did catch some of the DJ set and lighting show. It was a bit like Vivid inside the boat! The children were having a great time dancing on the dance floor. 

The price of this cruise is just $49 for adults on a Friday and Saturday but only $39 on other days which is great value.


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