Forrest Shaw (USA): Comedian Destroys Heckler!


Forrest Shaw (USA) is an award-winning comedy writer and I Don’t Know About That podcast co-host with Jim Jefferies, as seen on The Jim Jefferies Show, Conan, Just For Laughs and has a comedy special (Poor Decisions) on Amazon Prime.

Are you ready for sub-par crowd work? Teasing someone about their job? Do you want to see a drunk woman get roasted? Well then, this show is not for you.

Forrest needed a name for the show and Comedian Destroys Heckler! seemed like it would get people’s attention. Is it working?

Forrest tells jokes. Jokes about addiction, climate change, depression, drugs, conspiracy nuts, endangered species…it’s not as sad as it sounds; besides laughter is healing, it’s the best medicine.

It’s like that one great philosopher said “If we don’t laugh at our failures then we’re doomed to repeat them… we’re probably doomed anyways… yeah, definitely doomed… still laughing is fun… have you ever tried magic mushrooms?” - Socrates.

 Dates: Wednesday 24 April & Friday 26 April, 9:30 pm

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Factory Theatre @ 105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204