Microsoft Orifice


Pull yourself away from the virtual rabbit hole of your screens and purchase a subscription to Microsoft Orifice! It’s the ultimate comedic escape from the clutches of workplace monotony and internet obsession, with terminally-online comedian John Glover.

Join John (Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Osher Günsberg’s NTNNNNN, two-time RAW Comedy State Finalist) for some watercooler gossip as he dismantles your work culture, publicly doxxes your finsta, and spends 45 minutes of the show trying to set up a new modem.

Calling all millennials, colleagues and corporate cucks! Brace yourselves for an evening of hilarious stand-up comedy that HR don’t want you to see.

Razor-sharp one-liners are aplenty and timing is spot-on. This is a budding comic to watch. **** - The Age

Warm presence and he has a great gift of the gab. – My Melbourne Arts

Dates: APRIL 25, 27 (8 pm); APRIL 28 (7 pm)


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The Factory Theatre @ 105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204