In 2017, Australian Deaf dance artist and performer Anna Seymour was at the after-party of the International Deaf Dance Festival in San Francisco. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Everyone there was Deaf, including the DJ. The dance floor was heaving. Deaf people were guiding each other through a series of popular dance routines. It was a feverish, exhilarating and empowering moment.  

Determined to bring that sense of joy and affirmation back to Australia, Seymour came home and created SPIN.  

An interactive dance event with three Deaf hosts and a DJ, SPIN is inspired by club culture and social dance scenes in San Francisco, Mexico, Cuba and Berlin. It celebrates connection, escapism, hedonism and the power of dance ritual. It’s also a playful interrogation of who can belong and coexist in the rave realm – shaking up assumptions that Deaf people cannot claim these spaces.  

SPIN is a guided dance event suitable for ages 10+. No dance experience is necessary – and all are welcome. 1pm matinees are suitable for ages 3+.

"Movement is a continuous thing, not discrete – nobody fails because, as SPIN shows us, all movement is equal... SPIN shows that dance is a story that changes with every different body which makes it."


Wed 17th Jan, 08:00pm 
Thu 18th Jan, 01:00pm
Fri 19th Jan, 08:00pm
Sat 20th Jan, 01:00pm
Sat 20th Jan, 08:00pm
Mon 22nd Jan, 08:00pm

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Moonshine Bar (The Thirsty Mile) Pier 2/3, 15 Hickson Road Walsh Bay Arts Precinct Dawes Point NSW 2000