Rouse Hill Estate


Home to six generations of one family through good times and the bad, Rouse Hill Estate and its stories still draw people to its doors. Each generation has added another layer of belongings, improvements and memories, and today, every object and addition, every tear, stain and repair, has a story to tell. The estate also features the restored 1888 Rouse Hill schoolhouse, a section of the original Windsor Road turnpike proclaimed by Governor Macquarie in 1813, and the site of the doomed 1804 ‘Vinegar Hill’ convict rebellion.

At Rouse Hill House six generations of the Rouse and Terry families occupied the house from its construction in the early 1800s until the late 1990s, when it opened as a museum. Each generation has left its mark, never erasing the evidence of those who lived there before but instead adding to it, forming a richly textured series of interiors and landscapes. Chairs from the 1840s sit beside textiles from the 1950s, grand tour paintings sit above mantelpieces crowded with photographs and mementos, and a 1960s television sits in a room whose walls were papered half a century earlier.

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Rouse Hill House & Farm @ Guntawong Road, Rouse Hill


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