ULSTER AMERICAN by David Ireland


Jay is the Oscar-winning actor. Leigh is the ambitious director. Ruth is the young playwright with a gritty historical drama that is destined to make them the talk of Tinsel Town. With the shiny accolades of Hollywood within their clutches, the three rendez-vous to secure the play and discuss the nitty gritty – but when boundaries are broken, the night collapses into full-blown chaos. The show must go on!

Pushing the limits on identity politics, ULSTER AMERICAN is a savage satire exposing the fragile egos and abuses of power that run rampant in Hollywood. Harriet Gordon-Anderson (BOXING DAY BBQ), Brian Meegan (BOXING DAY BBQ) and Jeremy Waters (THE BIG TIME), reunite after Outhouse Theatre’s critically acclaimed 2018 season in this acerbic and brutally hilarious play.


Ensemble Theatre @ 78 McDougall Street Kirribilli, NSW, 2061




(02) 8918 3400

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